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We were incredibly blessed to have a film crew from FOX TV13 (WHBQ) in our store to do a Public Service Announcement to help homeless animals in our community.  FOX Producer, Amanda Pannell, says the commercial will air repeatedly where time allows and coordinate with FOX TV13 website (www.myfoxnews.com) announcement of their plan to advertise and help local Memphis area animal rescue groups find homes for homeless animals.  FOX will be listing the contact & website info of local area rescue groups on the website for all to access when looking for animals to adopt. The House of Mews will, concurrently, also list the FOX website in a linkup. 

We are very grateful to FOX TV13 for their idea to help animals in our community and think this will be an exciting new venture for us all.  Please watch for the upcoming news release of this exciting event which is expected to launch in April 2010.